Is Graffiti Records Legit?

We sure are! We're a fully licensed record store and work directly with official distributors, manufacturers, record labels & even artists. 

Product reviews are not offered as they rapidly become album reviews, however we invite you to view thousands of our happy customers via the "New Homes" tabs on our Instagram page. 

Any unboxing, post, or tagged story of our products is added here for all to see!


Do you ship outside the US?

We only offer International Shipping for select Exclusive products, in accordance with the appropriate restrictions & regulations!


Do you have a Physical Location?

At the moment no, however we are considering it for late 2023 / 2024.


Am I able to cancel a Pre-Order?

Yes we accept pre-order cancellations.

We strongly encourage customers to pre-order items to help us bring in enough.

Following release day, titles tend to go out of stock for weeks or even months.


Do you know when items will be back in stock?

Unfortunately it is impossible to tell when titles will be restocked unless there is a planned repress, HOWEVER you can let us know what you’re looking for so we can backorder it!


Can you hold items?

We are unable to hold or reserve items.


Do you have any Promo Codes? 

Unless otherwise advertised no.


Are the Exclusive Pressings happening?

Yes! We’re actively contacting labels to obtain the rights to continue pressing limited store exclusive variants. The best way you can help make your favorites happen is to spread the word! Buzz gets the artist & label attention.

The bigger we get the more doors that open.


Do we have a second Instagram account?

NO. We have one account per platform. If it is not linked to this site, it’s not us.

We only follow artists, management or creators that we currently or hope to partner with.